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Everything You Need to Build Your Author Platform

Because writers should be writing, not fiddling around with computers!

Beautiful Templates

We've got loads of great templates built specifically for authors and book sites to get you started. They're all yours!

Drag & Drop Page Builder

Our visual page builder is just as powerful as the brain of a nerd, but easier to deal with and much more fun.

Easy Customisation

Text, images, colours- you can change it all in a snap with our easy to use customisation tools.

Email List Building

Grow your email list by collecting signups from anywhere in your site. Even better, use one of our landing page templates.

Social Sharing

Generate buzz by giving readers the chance to share your stuff on their social networks.

eCommerce Ready

Sell your eBooks from your own site or integrate with Amazon and other major retailers.

Custom Domain

Using your own domain name is simple and can be set up in a few easy steps.

Cloud Hosting

Your site is hosted on our cloud servers, at no extra cost. (The 'cloud' bit just means it's really great).


Our servers are hardened for security which means that site and it's contents will be safe from all the internet bad guys.


You don't have to do a thing for your site to load super fast- our performance tweaked servers will take care of it.


Another thing you don't need to worry about is backups. We do all of that for you in the background.

The Power of WordPress

Use the same amazing software that revolutionised publishing and powers 75 Million web sites worldwide.

Choose a theme, make it your own.

All of our themes can be easily changed to suit any genre. If you like the layout and features of, say, a romance theme, but your genre is historical comedy, fear not, a few changes of images and colour scheme and it can be your own in a matter of minutes.



A down to earth starter theme, suitable for authors of any stripe.



Tight and professional with just a twist of pizazz. Perfect for any author.



A dark and inviting theme, perfect for the discerning erotic writer.

One-Minute Set Up

Okay, one minute fifteen seconds, but still, that's pretty fast!

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$15 /month ($0.53 a day!)

  • PAGE BUILDER Drag & Drop
  • CUSTOM DOMAIN Your Own Domain
  • MOBILE FRIENDLY Fully Mobile Optimised
  • PAGES Up to 6
  • BANDWIDTH & STORAGE 1GB Bandwidth / 250MB Storage
  • HOSTING Standard Hosting
  • SECURITY & BACKUPS Regular Backups and Scans
  • THEMES Standard Themes
  • PLUGINS Standard Plugins
  • SUPPORT Basic Support


$18 /month ($ 0.64 a day!)

  • PAGE BUILDER Drag & Drop
  • CUSTOM DOMAIN Your Own Domain
  • MOBILE FRIENDLY Fully Mobile Optimised
  • PAGES Unlimited
  • BANDWIDTH & STORAGE Unlimited / 1GB Storage
  • HOSTING Premium Hosting
  • SECURITY & BACKUPS Daily Backups and Malware Scans
  • THEMES Premium Themes
  • PLUGINS Premium Plugins
  • eCOMMERCE Your Own Online Shop
  • SUPPORT Premium Support


$40 /month ($ 1.43 a day!)

  • PAGE BUILDER Drag & Drop
  • CUSTOM DOMAIN Your Own Domain
  • MOBILE FRIENDLY Fully Mobile Optimised
  • PAGES Unlimited
  • BANDWIDTH & STORAGE Unlimited / 5GB Storage
  • HOSTING Premium Hosting
  • SECURITY & BACKUPS Daily Backups and Malware Scans
  • THEMES Custom Themes
  • PLUGINS Premium Plugins
  • eCOMMERCE Your Own Online Shop
  • SUPPORT Priority Support

First Month Free + Cancel Any Time = Try Us, Risk Free!


What, in plain English, is the difference between the plans?

Our Professional plan is the most popular and offers the best value. It comes with the addition of extra themes to choose from, plugins to enhance your site, the ability to sell books, physical or digital, from your own online shop, as well as the benefit of a higher level of support when you need it. For most authors, it's the best idea.


Our entry level Standard plan comes with everything you need...


  • Professional templates to get you started
  • Our drag and drop page builder to customise things in real time
  • An AuthorStreet domain (e.g. with the option to use your own.
  • Everything is hosted on our fast servers with plenty of disk space and bandwidth.

Our Professional and Premium plans go even further with...


  • Being able to create an unlimited number of pages.
  • Access to premium themes.
  • Access to premium plugins.
  • The ability to sell your books, real or digital, from your own online store.
  • Premium Support. You will always be at the front of the queue.
  • More disk space and bandwidth.
  • More regular monitoring and maintenance.


I'm terrible with computers! Is this really for me?

Yes! Our page builder is really easy to use, so you should be fine. You really don't need any technical experience to use it. We also have an extensive library of short demonstrative video clips built right into the control panel that show you how to do everything.


If you're really worried you don't know what you're doing, our Professional and Premium plans come with extra levels of support and we'll be able to help you out.

Why wouldn't I just use Squarespace or Wix?

Squarespace and Wix are both great places to build a web site but here's why we think Author Street is the better option for you...


  1. Those other big companies are, well, big. Good for them, but they are trying to be everything to everyone- cake shops, car mechanics, lawyers, sports clubs. We're not big. We are a small team who can listen to what you say and help you do what you need to do. And we're here to help authors. We're not taking a call on the other line from a cake shop.

  2. We have an easy to use drag-and-drop page builder and lots of ready to use custom templates and tools. It's all tuned specifically to meet the needs of one type of people... you guessed it, authors. If there's a feature you want but we don't have, just ask and we'll do what we can.

  3. We use WordPress, the world-class open-source publishing software that powers 27% of the web (more than 75 million websites). Apart from being powerful, stable, secure and flexible, it means that everything you do on AuthorStreet is fully compatible with any other WordPress system.

    For example, if you ever decide to leave Author Street, you are free to take everything with you and archive it or set it up somewhere else. Contrast that with Wix whose help centre says, "Your Wix site and all of its content is hosted exclusively on Wix's servers, and cannot be transferred elsewhere." Or Squarespace, who say, "You can export certain content from your Squarespace site... Not every part of your site will export." It might not seem like a big deal now but it will be when you've got three years worth of blog posts you don't want to abandon.

    The same goes for the knowledge you pick up using Author Street. We have an extensive library of short online videos demonstrating how to use WordPress. The global WordPress community is enormous and these skills can be applied to any other WordPress site, now or in the future.

  4. Oh, and our pricing is just as affordable.

What's the big deal about WordPress?

WordPress is the greatest thing to ever happen to the internet! You've probably heard of it by now. It's a piece of software that's open and free and very powerful and it allows anyone to put stuff up on the web beautifully. We're proud to say that all Author Street sites run on WordPress.

Unlike at Squarespace or Wix who use their own private in house systems, everything you do here at Author Street is completely downloadable and transferrable to anywhere else on the web that runs WordPress. And that's a lot of places- at the last count WordPress powers over 74,652,825 sites, that's over 26% of the entire web- including famous sites like The New York Times, National Geographic and Forbes.

Don't worry if you're new to WordPress because built in to the control panel of your site is our huge collection of WordPress explainer videos, showing you in short, clear clips how to navigate your way around and use your site.

What's more, all of this knowledge is also transferrable. Everything you learn about using your WordPress site at Author Street is applicable to any other WordPress site you might use in the future. Think of it like being able to speak a language like English. Contrast that to Wix or Squarespace where you're learning to use a system that only exists on their servers. That's more like being able to speak Swahili.

I've already got a site, can I move it to Author Street?

Yes you can! You just need to contact us to discuss the move.

Please note that site migration is a complicated business and some things may not be possible. We'll let you know in plenty of time if there are any challenges.

I've got a Themeforest theme, can you set it up for me?

Installing and setting up a theme from ThemeForest is a custom job and is available with our Premium Plan.


Our Professional plan also gives you access to pre-installed premium themes.

Can I have more than one site- like one for each of my books?

Yes you can! You can have as many sites as you like.

If you're a publisher or just a very prolific author who want to set up more than ten sites, you may be eligible for a bulk discount.

Do I need a domain and hosting?

No, you don't. We provide everything.

When you sign up, you can choose from one of our domains, so your site would live at, for example: But, many authors prefer to use their own domain name and you can do that too by buying one when you sign up. If you already have your domain registered, contact our support and we can set that up for you too.


As for hosting, we take care of that too. It's included in your membership and your site will be hosted on our super fast, reliable and secure server.

Company X is offering everything for $1 a month!

That's not a question but I'll answer it anyway!


You see this a lot on the web. The simple answer is that Company X is a huge outfit that care more about getting customers in the door than anything else.


Honestly, places like GoDaddy and Bluehost are great but what they like to do is dazzle you with stuff that either you don't actually need in the first place and/or should be included in any good web site package anyway. We offer all the same stuff, we just don't dress it up in marketing speak.


What we do have that the big guys don't, is a genuine focus on helping authors raise their profiles and sell more books. Anything we can help you with in doing that- just let us know, we're all ears. Try having the same conversation with Godaddy support.

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