AuthorStreet gives indie authors the chance to promote their book in two main ways. We give your book its own permanent listing page on the site and we feature your book in our newsletter. Although most authors choose to do this as part of a wider promotional push, a price drop on your book is not a requirement.

Your book will have it’s own page on the site. If your book is added at a special promotional price, the listing page will appear in our eBook Deals section of the site where it will move down the list as other books are added. When the promotional period ends, it will automatically move into the Library section where it’s listing will remain permanently. So you can use the url to point people to your book at any time. If you want to promote the same book with us again at some point in the future, that’s fine, you can book another slot with updated details and it will be featured again in the newsletter and on the site where it will once again move to the front of the eBook Deals page.

We offer this service for a small fee of $20 or $30, to be listed in either one or two categories.

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